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The-Weathering-Magazine-Aircraft-Issue-1.-Panels-(English) WARNING. This issue is only... mehr
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WARNING. This issue is only in ENGLISH lenguage.

Your favorite publication, The Weathering Magazine, the only modeling magazine in the world devoted entirely to painting and the effects of weathering, now has a new addition to the family: The Weathering Aircraft. This new magazine will follow the same concept as its big brother publication with the distinction of being100% focused on aircraft. Through 68 well loaded pages, we?ll discover all aspects of Panels: how to scribe panel and rivet lines, highlighting panels, and applying washes to panel lines. This first issue explains with detailed ?step by step? articles how to perform every technique from some of the best modelers in the world and covers in depth the different products, techniques, and results available to today?s modeler. This inaugural issue also explains how to integrate panel techniques with the other contemporary techniques needed for aircraft, teaching the entire process to obtain the best results on our kits. The definitive guide for learning everything related to aircraft panels is explained in an easy, clear, and concise way.                                            

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