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This is Stargrave, a game set in a ravaged galaxy, where two empires fought a vast war that... mehr
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This is Stargrave, a game set in a ravaged galaxy, where two empires fought a vast war that ended in mutual annihilation. Now, pirate fleets roam the shattered ruins of the galaxy, taking whatever they want and enforcing their own brand of 'justice'.

Against this dark background, the players create their own small crew. Maybe they are merchants or smugglers, freedom-fighters or wanted criminals, rogue scientists or collectors of alien artefacts. Each crew features two 'characters': a captain and a first-mate, each of whom can choose their own background, such as veteran, cyborg, robotics expert, mystic, rogue or psionicist, to name a few. These backgrounds give access to various powers or abilities that these figures can use during or between games.

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