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Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry
Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry
“We’re not the best. The Jujak are in fact the worst. The worst adversaries anyone can face. Those are our credentials, and they’d be corroborated by our enemies if they weren’t all dead.” This box includes four miniatures: one Sergeant...
33,50 € *
Kuang Shi
Kuang Shi
This box includes four miniatures: Two Kuang Shi with Chain Rifle, one Kuang Shi with Boarding Shotgun and one Kuang Shi with Pistol. This box is a perfect complement to the Imperial Service , Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack and allows...
26,00 € * 30,95 € *
Zhenchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Submachine Gun) blister
Zhenchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment...
The Zhenchá are the first to arrive in the area of operations, but by working with a frontline attack force like the Invincible Army, half the time they are already under hostile fire and exchanging gunfire before even knowing who the...
14,95 € *
Haidào Special Support Group (Hacker)
Haidào Special Support Group (Hacker)
A Haidào is required to be able to think and act decisively and determinedly in complex and highly dangerous operating environments. Each and every one of them are among the best in their military specialty; however, their main...
8,95 € * 12,95 € *
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