Reckless Hearts

Reckless Hearts
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From where the Human Sphere ends comes Axl Steel, a fighter who practices a strange martial... mehr
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From where the Human Sphere ends comes Axl Steel, a fighter who practices a strange martial discipline - a mix of kickboxing, classic boxing and judo. Since childhood, Axl has worked in the many orbital factories connected in the Human Edge. In the not so distant past, his employers organized an illegal Aristeia! competition and Axl shined so much that they automatically decided to make him an AGL star.
Hippolyta’s character was created in close collaboration with Manu (aka Kelthret), the first season AGL champion. He earned the right to participate in the design of an Aristeia! character. Manu shared with us his passion for the Infinity Myrmidons and suggested a Myrmidon Officer as a starting point. The result is a spectacular support leader, both in design and game profile.

Sales Info: In addition to including the two pre-assembled plastic miniatures of the highest quality which is Corvus Belli’s trademark, this Aristeia! expansion includes 2 character cards, 2 initiative cards, 8 tactical cards, and the necessary markers to play this expansion. There is a total of 42 cards are included in each box, since a copy is incorporated in each of the game's languages: Spanish, English, German and French.
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