The Union: Faithful of Solthecius

The Union: Faithful of Solthecius
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  • SFGB03045
The arrival of the Solthecian Church in our game is a moment which will be remembered for untold... mehr
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The arrival of the Solthecian Church in our game is a moment which will be remembered for untold generations. Never before has such an entity wielded power sufficient to demand participation, let alone enforce it. History shall not be kind to this new evolution of the Union, their presence somehow even worse than their predecessors… — Obulus, Mortician’s Guild Team Captain

Her association with the Butcher’s Guild fast becoming a forgotten memory, Brisket strides onto the field as the first captain of a new Solthecian dynasty. Her past match experience now honed to a ruthless edge, in each game the Betrayer punishes the opposition with rapid fire goals, pouncing on any opening to further push her team ahead.

Joining her are familiar figures from before, their guises thrown off to reveal their true affiliation. Each compliments their captain on the field, either as dangerous midfielders driving the ball forward, or as aggressive strikers in a dangerously mobile team.

Seasoned Brisket
Harry the Hat
Ball Token

Replaces four existing SKUs from the product line as we condense them down into this starter set (SFGB03-011, SFGB03-006, SFGBUNI02-004, SFGBUNI01-008)
The Union are a varied and weird mix of unique skills and abilities, no other Guild has such a wide range of different players to mix and match together.
Union Dice are an easy up-sell to anyone looking to pick up this Guild.
Many Union players can also play for other Guilds, making this box an easy sell for any existing Guild Ball coach.

Brisket’s Union team brings a heavy focus on goal scoring as well as quick, erratic movement which they can use to retrieve the ball from the opposing team.
Backed by the authority of the Church, Brisket’s team is capable of using their faith and wisdom to dramatically increase the range of friendly abilities
The Union are an ideal team for anyone that enjoys a varied playstyle, this ragtag bunch of mercenaries can adapt to almost any situation.
This team box set brings 'Pride' to the pitch, a brand new Mascot to the game of Guild Ball - only available as part of the Faithful of Solthecius.

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