The Ratcatcher's Guild

The Ratcatcher's Guild
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The Ratcatcher’s Guild? Vermin, that’s all they are. Filthy, disgusting rodents, more akin to their quarry than to men like you or I. And the Piper is the worst by far, a smirking devil amongst his mischief. He leads his court by fear and guile, a vicious tyrant forcing others to dance to his tune.
— Mallet, Mason’s Guild

Bringing a type of board control never seen before in Guild Ball, Ratcatchers coaches force their opponents to choose the deadly poison which saps at their strength. Couple this with the unique Disease condition spreading from player to player like wildfire, and the Ratcatchers and their villainous captain are a formidable threat on any pitch they scurry onto.  

6 players (Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Skulk, Miasma, Scourge),
Ball (Fat Rat),
Goal Token (Sewer Pip),
3D Terrain Piece (Sewer Entrance),
Player Cards,
Ability Tokens, 
Health Dials for all players

The Ratcatcher's Guild brings powerful new abilities and effects that all players will want to experience.
Ratcatcher’s Dice are an easy up-sell to anyone looking to pick up the new Guild.
Crossover models with the Mortician's Guild - brings in the players who have already bought 'their guild'. 

The Ratcatcher's Guild brings a new spin on the controlling playstyle of the Morticians, constantly forcing the opponent to choose between a rock and a hard place with brand-new ‘dilemma’ abilities.
The Disease condition is another new element that the Ratcatchers bring to the Pitch. Effecting both Coach’s players, the Disease condition slowly eats away at players’ health pools and makes recovering health points more difficult.
An ideal team for any Coach that enjoys playing the ‘bad guys’ and manipulating the flow of each game

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