Infinity Heliport Platform - Ariadna

Infinity Heliport Platform - Ariadna
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Our Heliport Platform  is an ideal complement to any scenery building. An attachable... mehr
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Our Heliport Platform is an ideal complement to any scenery building. An attachable platform perfect to embellish a building an improve his in game values opening new playability options. The girder estructure in the bottom of the platform has a 3mm gap, that allows it to be inserted in many different building designed for Infinity the game.

Some of his in game possibilities include:

  • Use as parachute landing site. The size of the platform is big enough to to place an standard parachute template inside.
  • Excelent Sniper position. The platform railing can be also use as cover.

You can also customize the orientation of the platform railing from vertical to diagonal, in this special case touching the clasp of the railing with a miniature base will mark he is in cover.

The Platform has etched in its surface a generic H for Helicopter landing, but you can if you want to change the design for any of the Infinity  Factions logos.

All the pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game


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