Operation Dauntless

Operation Dauntless
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COMPONENTS Three counter sheets of 5/8" counters (roughly 2 sheets of unit counters and 1... mehr
Produktinformationen "Operation Dauntless"
  • Three counter sheets of 5/8" counters (roughly 2 sheets of unit counters and 1 sheet of markers; 528 total counters)
  • One 22 x 34" map
  • One 36-page Rule Book, color
  • One 28-page Play Book, color (includes full-color illustrated examples of play, Comparisons to Red Winter, Tips & Strategies, and counter manifest)
  • One 56-page Scenario Book, color (includes 11 tutorials, ~15 scenarios, and optional rules)
  • One 48-page Reference Book, b&w (includes designer's notes and complete Order of Battle)
  • Two Identical Player Aid Cards (foldout, 4-sided)
  • One Player Air Card 2 (Optional rules)(1-sided)
  • One British Reinforcement Card (8.5 x 11", 1-sided)
  • One German Reinforcement Card (11 x 17", 1-sided)
  • One Flowchart card (double-sided with LOS and Armor Reaction Cycle aids)
  • One Campaign Game Setup & Vehicle Identification Card (2-sided)
  • One Turn Track Card (double-sided withTurn Track A: June 16-18 on front, Turn Track B: June 25-27 on back)
  • Information & Turn Phase Track Card (1-sided)
  • One Tutorial Getting Started #1: Infantry Card (2-sided)
  • One Tutorial Getting Started #2: Armor Card (2-sided)
  • Three 6-sided dice
  • Three 10-sided dice
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