Interstellar Mayhem ENGLISCH

Interstellar Mayhem ENGLISCH
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A Battle of the junkships rages in the Gamma Quadrant. Everyone wants to gain control of the... mehr
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A Battle of the junkships rages in the Gamma Quadrant. Everyone wants to gain control of the valuable asteroid field, and there is only one way to do this: Destroy all opposing ships!

Speed, shields and firepower have to be optimized to conserve energy, and the maneuvers of the enemies have to be anticipated in order to be able to strike at just the right moment. And just to make things interesting, the fight takes place right among the asteroids.

Interstellar Mayhem can be learned quickly and provides exciting space duels in a deadly asteroid field. Every player controls one spaceship and uses tactic and a bit of luck to destroy as many opposing spaceships as possible.

The rules can be explained in a few minutes, but mastering the tactical possibilities of the game remains a challenge even after many battles.

- A lot of gaming material (6 spaceship models, 18 real stones for the asteroids, 40 colored dice, 18 technology cards, 6 spaceship sheets, a large game plan and game-counters)
- Easy to learn rules
- Tactical depth
- Variable game setup
- Rules and gaming material in German and English
- 2-6 players, playing time about 30 minutes, Ages 12 and up

In this fast-paced space-tactic-shooter, every player chooses one of the 6 spaceship models and fights against the other players. If your spaceship is destroyed, you take a new one and jump right back into the action - the first player to score 3 kills is the winner.

The beautiful gaming material and the variable game setup provide a big replay value.

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