The Guardians - Explore ENGLISCH

The Guardians - Explore ENGLISCH
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THE GUARDIANS! The Guardians: Explore is a card drafting, deck refinement adventure game... mehr
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The Guardians: Explore is a card drafting, deck refinement adventure game for 2-5 players, running eight total turns, and games lasting approximately 45-90 minutes long. It's broken down into two chapters; Warm Up and Battle.

Players begin their Warm Up with a card draft that shapes their strategy for the battle to come. A unique super card is selected in secret to give each player their own special strength and two unique missions provide optional goals.

Now fortified with equipment, skills, and familiars, the players begin the Battle! By drawing and cleverly playing cards from the top of their deck, players build the power needed to defeat monsters and acquire trophies with each turn.

During play, unneeded cards can be thrown away and powerful locations can be fortified with blanket forts to prepare player's for the final showdown. Work together to defeat the mighty boss at the heart of the monster invasion and save Arthursburg!

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